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Elena doesn’t know what really went down that first day. Why Clay did what he did. How he had felt threatened by Jeremy. How he was going to lose her. Possibly even be killed. He did what he had to. He didn’t care if she hated him for it, as long as she was alive, he would be able to carry on. So he did the only thing he knew would guarantee her safety, he bit her. And in doing so ended their relationship, their trust. But then came along Jeremy, who helped Elena through her transition, bonding with her. Hence a relationship was formed. Clay on the outside, couldn’t bear to tell Elena. That he was the catalyst in all of this. That it were his words that started this and Jeremy knows this. Jeremy takes blame for his part, he couldn’t die without telling her. And Clay would do anything to protect Elena, she just doesn’t know the extent of it, yet.  ~insp by x



you know what this is? HOPE


and LOVE

the two things she’s needed to find for the vast majority of her life

and you know what happened?


it immediately got taken away just like with her first love


so forgive her if she even thinks about resorting to old habits, used to protect her from this kind of heartbreak

and you better be proud that she can fight it, of how far she’s come

(gif credit: first two, third, the last I’m not sure on sorry!)

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